My charges

I charge per session, with a session lasting one hour. I have found this to be the optimum time to be spent at one time to gain most benefit. My current charges for face to face tutoring, fixed through to at least 31 August 2020, are:

GCSE                £50.00

A Level              £55.00

University/HE    £60.00

Adult learner      £55.00

Online tutoring prices are £5 less as I have no travel costs to recoup.


These are for one-to-one tuition. Please contact me for details of charges for group sessions (for example, for in-house training). Students can contact me with questions/to follow up ideas discussed in sessions. Sometimes problems don't get solved in the hour and I am happy to finish these before the next session. There is no extra charge for this.

Payment policy

The first couple of sessions are to be paid-as-you-go; this is whilst we see that we are each happy with the way tutoring is going. Thereafter, I calculate the number of sessions remaining in the Half Term and I ask for payment of those in advance using online banking. Successive Half Terms work the same way. Note that I do expect to see students on school Inset Days if these coincide with your session day.

If you need to cancel a session for an reason I will endeavour to reschedule it but this depends on me having free time that suits you. I cannot guarantee this I am afraid. If we cannot reschedule the session remains chargeable.

On the rare occasion that I need to cancel then I will give you priority for rescheduling but if I cannot, I will refund the session cost to your bank account immediately.